Inventory File Backups and Sharing

Inventory File Backups and Sharing


Backing up your Inventory Wolf data is a good idea in case your phone gets destroyed, or stolen. Sharing your inventories with friends and family can be fun and educational. You also may just want to share your inventories with your community for planning purposes. Either way, it’s easy to do.

How to Backup and Share


Backing up and sharing are the same in Inventory Wolf, it’s all about where you send the resulting inventory data file.

Tap the Inventory tab at the bottom of the app.                   


Tap the menu icon at the top right of the app and choose Share


Choose a destination to send the inventory file to. Emailing the file to yourself for backup is a good choice. You can also send it to your Google Drive, or other cloud provider.
Inventory files are small, typically less than 100 Kb, or 0.1 Mb.

Note: Inventory files are not encrypted. We’ll add this feature soon.



How to Restore a Backup

Method 1
The easiest way is: from the Inventory tab, tap the upper-right menu, then tap Import...

Method 2
You can also send files to Inventory Wolf to import. From where the backup file is – email attachment, Google Drive, etc – tap it and choose to send it.
  1. The filename will be like inventory_wolf_<date and timestamp>.txt
  2. In iOS Mail, the send icon looks like
  3. In Google Drive, the send menu item looks like
In the resulting dialog, find the Inventory Wolf app and tap it. You may have to look under “More…” to find it.
The Inventory Wolf app will open and ask if you’re sure before replacing its current inventory with that of the backup file.

How to View a Share

To view an inventory that someone has shared to you:
  1. Backup your own inventory
  2. Restore, to Inventory Wolf, the shared inventory you received
  3. View the shared inventory in Inventory Wolf
  4. When you’re finished viewing it, restore the backup of your own inventory from step #1.

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